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Sergio Feitoza created Cognitor Consulting, Technological Research & Training in 1996. Cognitor apply training and consulting on design, specification and testing of equipment for substations (switchgear, switchboards, busbar systems, busways and others).
We also design testing laboratories (high-power, high voltage, temperature rise, electromagnetic compatibility and Ex equipment). Training and consultancy work can be applied in English, Portuguese and Spanish in all countries.


Sergio Feitoza is an electrical engineer, M.Sc. in Power Systems and Director of Cognitor. He has 35 years of experience in high power and high voltage testing laboratories (design, construction, operation as test engineer and management), substations equipment design and testing.

In the 25 years working at CEPEL he participated in all the phases of the design, construction and operation of the testing laboratories in Brazil. He was the manager of (14) laboratories including high voltage, high power, Ex equipment, EMC, materials and calibration. Also, chaired teams in renewable and nonrenewable energy generation.

In 2010 Sergio developed the feasibility study for a new Brazilian testing laboratory, now under construction, in Itajubá - MG. These are installations for high power testing (2500 MVA with short circuit generators), high voltage testing (550 kV class), temperature rise tests (25 kA) and others. From 2012 Sergio is contracted as consultant by the owners of the project ISI-CEDIIEE.


In the last 19 years conducting Cognitor activities Sergio acquired a considerable experience in the simulation of high power tests developing and applying the software SwitchgearDesign (details in this site). He provides consulting services to manufacturers in developing products for substations, specially switchgear, switchboards and busways. The idea is that before going to a testing laboratory to do expensive type tests, the manufacturer send the basic drawings to Cognitor which, through the simulation of the tests using SwitchgearDesign and a long term experience in designing equipment, helps to improve the project to pass in the tests.


In the 90’s, the Ministry of Energy of Brazil started to motivate programs to increase energy production using renewables and thermal energies. At that time, the Brazilian electrical sector was more than 90% composed of big hydroelectric plants. Diversification of sources has become a necessity. I coordinated this area in the main research center of South America. I collaborated in the elaboration of programs like PROINFA (3000 MW in small hydroelectric, wind and biomass plants), the Brazil Bolivia gas duct, programs for biofuels and even cleaner technologies for mineral coal use. Examples of working groups, assisting the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy, were for (a) Elaboration of policy for the use of mineral coal in Brazil with participation of the D.O.E - USA (b} Utilization of the gas of the Brazil-Bolivia pipeline (GCPS - Eletrobras) (c) Assessment of the cogeneration potential in Brazil for inclusion in the 10 years official planning (Eletrobras / GCPS). At that moment I developed the software Decidix for technical-economical assessment of energy projects (check cognitor site ) This software became very used in the power utilitis. After leaving CEPEL I continued applying trainings and consultancies in the energy area for some 10 years. Just after the “ test laboratories and substations equipment design” attracted me again up today.


Training: more than 200 courses and seminars, open and "in company" all over the World (in English, Spanish, Portuguese). Some free material for download may be found in this YouTube link:

You may download material and books from Sergio in the section Downloads in this site.


IEC: In 1990’s Sergio was the Chairman of the Technical Committee 32 - Fuses. He coordinated several committees in the Brazilian Association of Standardization in the areas of Fuses, Fire and Explosion Protection and others.
Sergio was member of IEC working group SC 17 C / WG31 which prepared the publication IEC TR 62271-307 (2015) - High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 307: Guidance for the extension of validity of type tests of AC metal and solid-insulation enclosed switchgear and controlgear (1 to 52 kV).

CIGRÈ: Sergio was member of CIGRE WG A3.24 on simulation and calculations in substation equipment. Sergio is co-author of the brochure CIGRE 602 / 2014 Tools for the Simulation of The Effects of the Internal Arc in T&D Switchgear. He is the author of the document " Proposal for IEC Guidelines for the use of simulations and calculations to replace some tests specified in international standards" referred in this Brochure.

He is coauthor of the brochure 740 (2018) issued when was member of Cigrè Working group WG B3-43 - Contemporary Solutions for Low Cost Substations.

Sergio is also co-author of the Brochure 830 (2021) as a member of the WG A3.36 Simulations for Temperature Rise Calculation.

Workspot 2018 - Foz do Iguaçu Presentaion on low cost substations on behalf of WG B3-43

Sergio, one of the speakers of the Cigre Manilla event 2018

Sergio, one of the speakers of Cigrè Manilla-Philipines event in 2018. Workshop about low cost substations for developing countries


Sergio in Cigre Manilla

LANGUAGES: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

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