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Sergio Feitoza is an electrical engineer, M.Sc. in Power Systems and Director of Cognitor. He has 30 years of experience in high power and high voltage testing laboratories (design, construction, operation as test engineer and management), substations equipment design and testing. In the last 15 years after leaving CEPEL´s testing laboratories, he acquired a considerable experience in the simulation of high power tests developing the software SwitchgearDesign and provides consulting services to manufacturers in developing products for substations, specially switchgear and switchboards.

In the 25 years in CEPEL he participated in all the phases of the design, construction and operation of the biggest South American testing laboratories in Brazil. He was the manager of CEPEL´s (14) laboratories including high voltage, high power, equipment for explosive atmospheres, materials and calibration. There he also chaired groups the area of ??generation and cogeneration with renewable and non renewable sources.

In 2010 he developed the conceptual project for the implementation of a new Brazilian testing laboratory including installations for high power testing (2500 MVA) , high voltage testing, equipment for explosive atmospheres, temperature rise tests and others. These laboratories, currently in construction, are located in Itajuba – MG. From 2012 Sergio is contracted by the owners as consultant for the project ISI-CEDIIEE.
At IEC – International Electrotechnical Committee, Sergio is member of IEC working group SC 17 C / WG31: Guidelines for extending the validity of such tests in metal-enclosed switchgear which prepared the new IEC 62271-307. From 1990 to 1994 he was the Chairman of the Technical Committee 32 - Fuses of IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission. He coordinated the equivalent committees in the Brazilian Association of Standardization and coordinated the CE-24: 301.04 - Fire Protection Facilities Generation and Transmission of Electricity.

At CIGRE Sergio is member of the CIGRE WG A3.24 International - Simulation and calculations in substation equipment

Is also member of the WG A3.36 International - .Application and Benchmark of Multi Physic Simulations and
Engineering Tools for Temperature Rise Calculation.

Sérgio is co-autor of the recent brochure CIGRE 602 / 2014 Tools For The Simulation of The Effects Of the Internal Arc in Transmission and Distribution Switchgear. Is the author of the document " Proposal for IEC Guidelines for the use of simulations and calculations to replace some tests specified in international standards" referrred in this Brochure Cigre.

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Sergio Feitoza is, in the vacant time, a composer, singer and guitar player and continues his guitar studies in classic and popular music. He has more than 30 registered songs and two actual CDs with his songs.

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