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Sobre a Cognitor

Implementation of new Testing Laboratories

We do the conceptual and detailed design of high-power testing laboratories, high voltage, electromagnetic compatibility, EX equipment and others.
They are made based on Sergio Feitoza’s experience in the design, operation and testing of CEPEL testing laboratories and the ones under construction in the state of Minas Gerais,high-power laboratories (2500 MVA), High Voltage, Temperature rise.

Support to Manufacturers of Equipment for Substations

We help manufacturers in the development of new equipment (switchgear, switchboards, panels, busways, etc.) and improvement of existing projects through:
- Calculation of the complete equipment to pass in the tests prescribed in technical standards
- Design Review using previous experience and SwitchgearDesign software developed by Sergio Feitoza (25 years working in testing laboratories and 16 years doing testing simulation and project calculations)
- Training technical teams to do this kind of activity alone. See COURSES part of this site

Cognitor - Consultancy & Training

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