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( 03 ) Introducing the Use of Software SwitchgearDesign

›› ( 03 )
In this video you will understand the main applications and capabilities of SwitchgearDesign software. The main screens of the software are shown as well as applications, input and output variabless, units, conditions of use and references used in the validation of results.
In the main screen you can see the input data that will be used to perform calculations. The data relate to:
• geometry, dimensions and material of various types of equipment that are possible to simulate
• Design data as areas of ventilation, areas of depressurization, busbar supports and others
The types of equipment that can be simulated are the ones that appear in the bar at the bottom of the screen:
• LVSW_1: low voltage switchgear - breaker compartment
• LVSW_2: low voltage switchgear – drawers MCC
• MVSW_1; Medium voltage switchgear AIS
• DUCT_1: Bus duct
• SWITCH: Isolator
• FUSE_1: ExpulsionFuse
• SubstISI, Subst_2 - Substation Arrangements
• ACI_1 and ACI_2 - Medium voltage switchgear AIS
• ACI_3 and ACI_4 - low voltage switchgear
• GIS_1ph - GIS monophasic
• GIS_3ph - GIS three phase
The types of calculations that may be performed correspond to the main type tests and are:
• Calculation of electrodynamic and thermal stresses during the short circuit. These calculations are related to short time current and crest withstand currents test.
• Mapping of electric fields inside equipment and complete substation
• Mapping magnetic fields inside equipment and complete substations. These calculations include the ability to evaluate the effects of heating by magnetic induction in metal parts
• Calculation of temperature rises in conductors and insulating parts during temperature rise tests
• Calculations of the effects of overpressure created by internal arcs in equipment such as switchgear, bus ducts, etc…
After setting up the input data for calculation click on the RESULTS tab and a new screen will open. This screen will have different formats depending on the type of calculation performed. It is through proper analysis of these results can be deduced that the equipment will or will not have a good performance on the relevant test.
To assess the results it is necessary that the designer have some knowledge of design concepts and materials.

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( 03) Introdução ao Uso do Software SwitchgearDesign

›› Neste vídeo você entenderá as principais aplicações e potencialidades do software SwitchgearDesign.
São mostradas as telas principais do software, aplicações, variáveis de entrada e saída de resultados, unidades empregadas, condições de uso e as referências utilizadas na validação dos resultados.

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Some parts of the courses are still being converted to videos (see ). To avoid delay in receiving the item, In case of doubt, before buying, please write to

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